The Pied Piper Effect

I wrote Rebuilding Trust in Healthcare: A Doctor’s Prescription for a Post-Pandemic America without expecting to develop it further into an audiobook. But as the book’s popularity has grown in such a short time, I hired a professional actor as a narrator, and I can say that I am thrilled with the performance of Nick Gallagher. The reason I submitted my audiobook for review is to recognize his work. Like the Pied Piper, he has a way of leading you along a path—in this case, on a subject that impacts all of us: how our healthcare is delivered.

I asked over 70 narrators listed on to audition. I selected my six favorite entries and asked my wife, an avid reader and former English major, to screen for her favorite audition. Independently, we both selected Nick among the many talented auditions. He was the right voice for my book, based on his style, pace and inflection. He made the material live.

Authors can simulate how their book may sound when narrated professionally by reading the material aloud. However, I would submit that the power that stimulates the listener’s imagination comes as much from the performance as the content.

Listen to a sample on or purchase the audio book. You are in for a treat!