Crowdfunding Vxtra Health: Reasons why I invest my energy (and money!)

My threefold reasons are what drive me.

Help Rebuild Trust
I want to help rebuild trust in healthcare, starting with the patient-physician relationship. I believe that any model for healthcare reform should begin there. Unfortunately, health insurance companies have highjacked healthcare, making it very difficult for doctors and nurses to do what they do best—take great care of their patients. I’m recently retired from a long career in private practice in ophthalmology, and I experienced first-hand—for years—the frustration that doctors suffer from the inertia of health insurance companies, as well as from the time demands of documentation and pre-authorization.

Focus On What’s Doable
I decided to join a healthcare start-over, Vxtra Health. I was impressed by the philosophy and business experience of its CEO, Larry Hightower, and his team of professionals. Pairing bold physicians with innovative employers to bring exceptional value to employee health is what Vxtra Health is all about. When doctors practice at the highest level of quality care, pre-authorization for their treatment decisions is not necessary. The best doctors are attracted by having authority for decision-making coupled with accountability. Employees’ health concerns are addressed by a tech platform that provides real-time actionable data and allows communication among all parties. VxtraCare nurses offer a personal touch to provide patient navigation for better health outcomes. The employers’ bottom line improves because unnecessary costs for health benefits are avoided. Overall, focusing on employer-sponsored health benefit plans provides greater flexibility and opportunity for physicians, nurses, employers and their employees.

Listen Carefully, Adjust Accordingly
Working with employers to customize health benefits can be mutually rewarding. The watchword for success is collaborative care. The results from company operations in Atlanta and Charlotte will inform Vxtra Health management toward expansion to other cities.

Vxtra Health offers health plans without the hassles. As the Digital Health Communications Director of Vxtra Health, I work to ensure that the physician’s voice is heard, both within the company and beyond.

Dr. Pender is the author of Rebuilding Trust in Healthcare: A Doctor’s Prescription for a Post-Pandemic America, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Audible.